New research projects
  • APPLICATE - Assessing Public Policy effectiveness in minimising Local Impacts with Climate-related AdapTation Expenditures (PRIN 2022, PI)
  • RE-ADJUST - REgional Assessment of Distributive impacts of a JUst and Sustainable Transition (PRIN-PNRR 2022, head of UNIURB Unit)
New publications

Working papers

Knowledge sources for Industry 4.0 technologies in European regions: the role of inward FDIs (with Michela Bello, Davide Castellani, Giacomo Damioli and Sandro Montresor), 2023, mimeo (R&R in Industry and Innovation)

Students commuting habits to the university: transportation choices during the Covid-19 era (with Chiara Lodi, Paolo Polidori, Desirée Teobaldelli), 2023, mimeo (R&R in Case Studies on Transport Policy)

Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of the Circular Economy through input-output modelling: Evidence from developing countries
(with Manuel Albaladejo, Juergen Amann, Nicola Cantore and Massimiliano Mazzanti), 2023, UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development Working Paper Series, WP1

Climate Change, Armed Conflicts and Resilience (with Mariagrazia D'Angeli and Elena Paglialunga), 2022, SEEDS Working Papers Series, no. 02/2022

The sustainable consumption and production development of manufacturing: empirical evidence on CO2 emissions and material use (with Massimiliano Mazzanti, Marianna Gilli, Francesco Nicolli), 2018, IDR Background Paper BP13

Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment (with Francesco Nicolli and Emy Zecca), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 01/2017 (R&R inThe World Economy)

Matching of PATSTAT applications to AIDA firms - Discussion of the methodology and results (with Francesca Lotti), 2013, Occasional Papers (Questioni di Economia e Finanza) no. 166, Banca d'Italia