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Working papers

Routinization, Within-Occupation Task Changes and LongRun Employment Dynamics (with Davide Consoli, Francesco Rentocchini, Francesco Vona), 2019, Sciences Po Ofce Working Paper 8/2019 (under review on European Economic Review)

Disaster Risk Management: Building the ‘Disaster Risk Assessment Tool’ for Italy
(with Marco Modica, Susanna Paleari, Roberto Zoboli), 2019, SEEDS Working Papers 03/2019

The Survival of Italian Individual Firms to Local Demand Shocks During the Great Recession (with Marco Modica), 2019, SEEDS Working Papers 01/2019 (R&R on Small Business Economics)

Upgrading the car fleet: evidence from an Italian scrappage scheme
(with Roberto Zoboli), 2018, SEEDS Working Papers 14/2018 (R&R on Economics of Transportation)

The sustainable consumption and production development of manufacturing: empirical evidence on CO2 emissions and material use
(with Massimiliano Mazzanti, Marianna Gilli, Francesco Nicolli), 2018, IDR Background Paper BP13

Climate Policies and Skill-Biased Employment Dynamics: Evidence from EU countries
(with Francesco Vona), 2018, OFCE Working Paper No 23
(R&R on Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)

Finance and the Misallocation of Scientific, Engineering and Mathematical Talent (with Francesco Vona), 2017, OFCE Working Paper No. 27 (under review on Industrial and Corporate Change)

The Impact of Energy Prices on Employment and Environmental Performance: Evidence from French Manufacturing Establishments (with Francesco Vona), 2017, SEEDS Working Papers 07/2017

Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment (with Francesco Nicolli and Emy Zecca), 2017, SEEDS Working Paper 01/2017

Matching of PATSTAT applications to AIDA firms - Discussion of the methodology and results (with Francesca Lotti), 2013, Occasional Papers (Questioni di Economia e Finanza) no. 166, Banca d'Italia