New public presentation
  • The paper The Employment Impact of a Green Fiscal Push: Evidence from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (with David Popp, Francesco Vona and Ziqiao Chen) was presented at the BPEA Fall 2021 Conference (Brookings Papers on Economic Activity)

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Research interests and ongoing research

Research interests
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental innovation
  • Skills and tasks of the labour force
  • Economics of natural disasters
  • Environmental extended input output analysis
Ongoing research
  • Network centrality and the environmental-financial performance nexus of EU ETS firms (with Simone Borghesi and Andrea Flori) (under review in Management Science)
  • Distributional effects of a post-pandemic green fiscal stimulus: skills, employment and wage of low-skilled manual workers (with Ziqiao Chen, David Popp, Francesco Vona)
  • Offshorability and trade policy preferences (with Chiara Franco)
  • Energy Prices and Firm's Economic Performances in Emerging Countries (with Massimiliano Cali, Nicola Cantore, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli) (under review in Energy Journal)
  • Market power, capital intensity, and technological change: the firm-level determinants of the labor's share (with Alessandro Bellocchi and Giuseppe Travaglini)
  • Climate Change, Armed Conflicts and Resilience (with Mariagrazia D'Angeli and Elena Paglialunga)
  • Product innovation and reduced lifetime of durable goods: evidence from the Italian cars market (with Roberto Zoboli)
  • The Emission Disease in Services (with Roberto Zoboli)