New research projects
  • APPLICATE - Assessing Public Policy effectiveness in minimising Local Impacts with Climate-related AdapTation Expenditures (PRIN 2022, PI)
  • RE-ADJUST - REgional Assessment of Distributive impacts of a JUst and Sustainable Transition (PRIN-PNRR 2022, head of UNIURB Unit)
New publications

Conferences, workshops and seminars


Seminar at Università di Siena (Siena, Italy, December 2023)

63 Riunione Annuale della Società Italiana di Economia (L'Aquila, Italy, October 2023)

EAERE 2023 Conference (Limassol, Cyprus, June 2023)

Workshop 'The use of patents in economic research', Università di Bologna (Bologna, Italy, May 2023)

Seminar at Univerità di Torino (Torino, Italy, March 2023)

IAERE Annual Conference (Napoli, Italy, February 2023)


62 Riunione Annuale della Società degli Economisti Italiani (Torino, Italy, October 2022)

EAERE 2022 Conference (Rimini, Italy, June 2022)

IAERE Annual Conference (Cagliari, Italy, April 2022)


EAERE 2021 Online Conference (June 2021)

IAERE 2021 Online Conference (February 2021)

Banca d'Italia Seminars (online, February 2021)

GSSI Seminars (online, January 2021);


SNES Agriculture seminar, University of Newcastle (online, December 2020)

61 Riunione Annuale della Societ\'{a} degli Economisti Italiani (online, October 2020); SPRU Seminars (online, November 2020)

EAERE 2020 Online Conference (June 2020)

Online Workshop on “The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing Post Covid-19” (organised by OECD, June 2020)

IAERE 2020 Conference (Brescia, Italy, February 2020)


Seminar at the University of Bremen (Bremen, Germany, December 2019)

60esima Riunione Annuale della Società Italiana degli Economisti (Palermo, Italy, October 2019)

SEEDS Workshop "Innovation and sustainable growth: is the circular economy a disruptive model?" (Milano, Italy, September 2019)

AISRe Conference 2019 (L'Aquila, Italy, September 2019)

EAERE Conference 2019 (Manchester, UK, June 2019)

Seminar at
VATT (Helsinki, Finland, June 2019)

Workshop on Technology, Work and Internationalization (Urbino, Italy, May 2019)

minaireveloppement Durable Environnement et Energie (University Paris-Nanterre, France, May 2019)

International Workshop on The Economics of Climate Change and Sustainability (Bologna, Italy, May 2019)

IAERE 2019 Conference (Udine, Italy, February 2019)

WICK PhD Workshop in Economics of Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (invited keynote speaker, Torino, Italy, January 2019)


OECD GGSD-GGKP Conference on Inclusive Solutions for the Green Transition (Paris, France, November 2018)

Economia Circolare e Sviluppo Sostenibile (Urbino, Italy, October 2018)

Workshop 'New Perspectives on Structural Change Causes and Consequences of Structural Change in the Global Economy' (Maastricht, Netherlands, September 2018)

SEEDS Workshop (Ferrara, Italy, September 2018)

AERNA Conference 2018 (Madrid, Spain, September 2018)

WCERE Conference 2018 (Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2018)

Seminar at Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy, May 2018)

Royal Economic Society Conference (Brighton, UK, March 2018)

IAERE Annual Conference (Torino, Italy, February 2018)


AISRe Conference 2017 (Cagliari, Italy, September 2017)

XI Convegno Italiano di Sociologia dell'Ambiente (Chieti, Italy, September 2017)

Workshop 'Beyond Routine Replacing Technical Change' (Nice, France, June 2017)

SEEDS Workshop (Ferrara, Italy, May 2017)

IAERE Annual Conference (Roma, Italy, February 2017)


KOF Research Seminar, ETH-Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland, November 2016)

SISC Annual Conference 2016 (Cagliari, Italy, October 2016)

ENEF Workshop (Torino, Italy, September 2016)

International Workshop on Computational Economics and Econometrics (Roma, Italy, June 2016)

EAERE Conference 2016 (Zurich, Switzerland, June 2016)

Mannheim Energy Conference (Mannheim, Germany, May 2016)

Workshop 'Spatial Evolution of Industries, Jobs and Innovative Activities. New Methods and Data' (Sophia Antipolis, France, April 2016)

Lunch Seminar University of Pescara (Pescara, Italy, March 2016)

IAERE Annual Conference (Bologna, Italy, February 2016)


Ecology at the Interface, European Ecological Federation (Roma, Italy, September 2015)

Economics of Innovation, Diffusion, Growth and the Environment (London, UK, September 2015)

EAERE Conference 2015 (Helsinki, Finland, June 2015)

Worskshop 'Born to be green' (invited speaker, University of Southampton, May 2015) - presentation

Lunch Seminar Dipartimento di Economia e Management (Università di Ferrara, May 2015)

IAERE Annual Conference
(Padova, Italy, February 2015)

Green Growth Knowledge Platform Conference (Venezia, Italy, January 2015)


Workshop 'Innovation in waste management: linking the Circular Economy and the Waste Hierarchy' (Espoo, Finland, November 2014)

Workshop 'Explaining Economic Change' (Roma, Italy, November 2014)

55 Riunione Annuale della Società degli Economisti Italiani (Trento, October 2014)

XV Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2014)

International Schumpeter Society (ISS) Conference
(Jena, July 2014)

WCERE World Conference of Environmental and Resource Economists (Istanbul, June 2014)

EU-SPRI Conference (Manchester, June 2014)

OFCE/SKEMA Seminars (Nice, May 2014)

IAERE Annual Conference 2014 (Milano, February 2014)

INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) Seminars in Science and Innovation (Valencia, January 2014)


IEFE-FEEM Joint Seminars (Milano, Italy, December 2013)

LIME Seminars, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies (Lucca, Italy, November 2013)

XXVIII Convegno Nazionale di Economia del Lavoro AIEL (Roma, Italy, September 2013)

Workshop "Eco Innovation in the EU: Conceptual and Empirical Perspectives" (Ferrara, Italy, September 2013)

AISRe Conference 2013 (Palermo, Italy, September 2013)

EAERE Conference 2013 (Tolouse, France, June 2013)

DRUID Summer Conference 2013 (Barcelona, Spain, June 2013)

EMAEE Conference 2013 (Nice, France, June 2013)

Workshop 'Innovazione, Produttività a Crescita in Italia' (Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche, Statistiche e Finanziarie, Università della Calabria (Arcavacata di Rende - CS, March 2013)


Workshop on 'Innovation in Italy' organized by Banca d'Italia (SADIBA, Perugia, December 2012)

Converence 'The Governance of a Complex World' (Nice, France, November 2012)

EAERE 2012 Conference (Prague, Czech Republic, June 2012)

Lunch Seminar Dipartimento di Economia, Istituzioni e Territorio (Università di Ferrara, May 2012)

Lunch Seminar Banca d'Italia (Roma, March 2012)

Brown Bag Seminar IMT Lucca (Lucca, March 2012)

Workshop 'Presente e Futuro dell'Economia dell'Ambiente e delle Risorse Naturali in Italia' (Università di Roma Tor Vergata, February 2012)

European Seminar EuroLIO 2012 'Geography of Innovation' (Saint-Etienne, France, 26-28 January 2012)


International Scientific Conference 'Sustainable Consumption - Towards Action and Impact' (Hamburg, Germany, 6-8 November 2011) - poster


Workshop 'The Economics of Green IT', Centre for European Economic Research (Mannheim, Germany, 22 November 2010)

'The Structure of Economic Systems Through Input-Output Applications', Accademia dei Lincei (Roma, October 2010)

11th Biennial Conference of the
International Society of Ecological Economics (Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany, August 2010)

3rd International Conference on Eco-Efficiency (Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, June 2010)

Lunch Seminar Università di Pisa (Pisa, May 2010)


50° Riunione Annuale della Società Italiana degli Economisti (Roma, October 2009)

DRUID Summer Conference 2009 (Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2009)

EA-SDI EMAN Conference 2009 (Prague, Czech Republic, April 2009)